Top 5 Telemarketing Secrets Revealed

Top 5 Telemarketing Secrets Revealed

I’ve called thousands of prospects over the years and in that time I have learnt a few tips I thought you might like to see.

1. You have to have a great opening line to grab attention.  I hate it when people ask me – how are you today – it really gives me the shits.  It puts me right into “defensive mode” – what it this person trying to sell me? Make a simple statement like – thanks for taking my call [name], [pause] the reason for my call is…. and make sure you have a great reason to interrupt that persons day.

2. Your tone of voice is everything. Watch you intonation and make sure you use a strong voice not one that raises in intonation at the end of the sentence like a teenager describing something to her friend.

3.  Have a strong objective for the call, in other words – why are you calling!!  Have a compelling reason for that person to listen to your offer, cut to the point, tell them the top reasons why your clients buy / use your product / service.  You have to get their attention real quick.

4. Dealing with the gate-keeper…  Just tell them “it’s [name] here for John is he in?”  Use a flat intonation and be short and sharp.  When she asks “will he know what this is about” you say ” he should do”, now of course this is a play on words because your reckoning he should know what it is all about and she thinks from your comment that he should already know!! Interesting isn’t it.

5. You have to have some form of motivation to get through your call list.  I use the old trick of calculating the average sale value and working out my conversion rate.  In other words, if your average sales is $100 and you sell 1 in 10 over the phone, you have to have 9 people say no before the 10th says yes.  Then working it back, every time someone says “NO” I have effectively earned $10, so its great when someone actually turns me down!!!

There’s a start, I’ll continue with the list in the next post.

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  1. Simon, I need a lot more help than the 5 Tips, although good advice therein,

    I’m having a very hard time as a new telemarketer/caller for local firefighters associations selling concert tickets to support local NON-tax-funded lifesaving programs, such as help for local fire/burn victims, coats for needy kids, firefighters educating all 2nd grade children to prevent fires and how to remain calm and save everyone in the event of fire, smoke detectors for the needy, elderly, and incapacitated, I say Hello, Mr/Mrs…this is…..calling for ……..firefighters association, I hope you’re doing great today, I’m calling you because your local…….firefighters association is hosting a……benefit concert.

    I don’t know why I’m not connecting with people.

    PLEASE HELP. And, yes I’m broke.

    Thank you for understanding and advising me.

    • Can I get an idea of your script. This is where I need to start with you. For example, do you say something like, I its John here from, XXY Association – How are you today? If you are saying something like this then STOP IT. As soon as someone says something like this to me I know its a telemarketer and I want to get off the phone as soon as possible. You could use something like – Hi its John here and I was wondering if you would be open to looking at new ways to help educate our 2nd grade children in the prevention of fires or even to help the elderly put smoke detectors in their homes? This is a soft opener that will get you to first base.

      So let me see what your script is and I can assist further…


      • Si, Thank you immensely for responding.

        The script we’re given is: “Hello, Mr/Mrs_____, this is _______ calling for your local _________ firefighters association. How are you? I’m calling because your local ________ firefighters are hosting a lifesaving benefit show (concert) to continue working with children on fire safety programs like the FIRE SAFETY ACTIVITY BOOKS given to 2nd graders here in ________ County. These teach kids Stop, Drop, & Roll, Not to play with matches, and they even have an escape plan they do with their parents. And as always the firefighters are giving SMOKE DETECTORS to the needy & elderly families.

        To support these lifesaving programs and other benefits, the firefighters are presenting THE FAMILY STONE. It’s gonna be a great show! The important thing is proceeds from the show help your firefighters continue the community programs.

        Now, Mr/Mrs _________ , everyone has been real kind in helping out, and, of course we are hoping to count on your support as well. We have different levels of support….. 4 tickets for $104 or 3 for $78, but if you can do the big one for $104 l’ll bring out the fire truck and you can hose down some neighbors. HAHA!

        Mr/Mrs__________ I understand, I couldn’t do it either. We still have the 3 tickets for $78 or the couples’ pack 2 for $52, and remember without your support, your firefighters cannot continue programs like SMOKE DETECTORS FOR YOUR NEEDY and ELDERLY FAMILIES. Will you do the $78 or is the $52 better for you?

        (If $52 is still too much) I understand Mr/Mrs __________ , let me ask you and please keep in mind these programs are geared to save lives right here locally. Did you know everyday 435 children are treated in emergency rooms for being burned and tragically 2 are lost each day. That’s why these programs are so important. We do offer a single hero support ticket for $26. I’m sure your firefighters can count on you for that, right? It sure would be appreciated.”

        Si, it seems like a long script to me. I greatly need and appreciate your advice.



        • I agree – way too long indeed. Why not trty this and remember DO NOT ASK THEM HOW THEY ARE!!!!

          Hi its _______ here, I was hoping you could help me for just a moment?
          Yes / no answer
          I was wondering if you would be open to looking at ways to educate children on fire safety in _________ county? [Pause here and wait]
          Oh that’s awesome. You see its shocking to think that we lose several young lives every year through house fires and the like and what we are looking to do in conjunction with the local firefighters is to help educate our children on the importance of fire safety in the home – do you have small children in your house?

          From here you can launch into the pitch but you have to open them up and h=get them talking really soon into your call….

          • Si, Thank you again for helping me. From my phone chair it seems the US economy is worsening rapidly. However, I have reduced the script to:

            ” Hello, this is Ken _______ calling for your local ___________ Firefighters Association. I hope you are doing great tonight. I’m calling because your local firefighters are hosting a once a year lifesaving benefit concert to continue helping our local fire & burn victims, educate all our 2nd graders how to prevent fires and how to save your life in a fire, and I hope your heart like mine goes out to our home fire victims with food, clothing, & shelter. A lot of people are helping because it’s local and about saving lives, sometimes our friends and family, sometimes us. Accordingly we offer 2 levels of support, 2 tickets for $52 or 1 ticket for $26 with free parking. Which one can your firefighters count on you for by December 20?

            Please help again Si

          • Dear Si,

            Respectfully, please notice I appreciate your suggested script of Dec 1, 2013 very much. And, my manager does not favor this approach, ergo my recent equally unsuccessful script I sent you earlier today. Because I admire your success and applicable methods, please continue helping me when you can.



          • Si, Hello. I hope you fare splendidly. I likely should’ve taken a job offer in Auckland, 1993. What a fool I was.

            Please notice a top producer in the office here read you script and said: “He (Si) is a real pro, that comes from years of experience”, I use your script when I can. With the utmost of respect for you Si, thank you.

            With Great Admiration,


    • Si, thank you for emailing me. On my end, we must introduce ourselves on the phone as “Hello, this is _______________ calling for your ____________ firefighters, Hope you’re doing ok today”. Then, the gist of it is something like “We’re doing a little oldies show to fund/support our __________county lifesaving programs, like medical care for our local tragically burned children, educating all of our school kids on fire safety, the family rescue plan, how to use 911, and helping our home fire victims with food, clothing and shelter….Just a brief call to see if you will help our community once this year. You can make a world of difference…”. Then you go into the different support levels if they say “yes”. If no, you enter about 2 rebuttals to their objections. Si, I still don’t know how to refute their frequent objection “I’m broke”.

      Si, I’d love to be really good at this. The best guys seem to get callees in a relaxed conversational tone while the salesman still controls the phone call. I haven’t found how to do this. My best results, which aren’t the best, are when I go by the above script.

      As always Si, your advice is very welcome.

      Thank You Si, Ken

  2. I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written
    by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty.

    You are incredible! Thanks!

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