Thats What I’m Talking about

Thats What I’m Talking about


I my continuing quest to build my sales team and I wrote last week about the frustrations I have when employing.  The complete lack of prep, the general disinterest in being up to date on the company they are looking to join – you who employ people know exactly what I am talking about. Well, let me tell you – the tables turned this week when I had yet another interview.  

Now I am different, I wait in reception for people to show up rather than have the receptionist call me and then go out to meet them.  I literally wait in reception about 5 – 10 mins before the appt time to greet them, this includes clients.   I believe that people should not have to wait as I know how frustrating it is to wait especially for Dr’s and the like.

So, I’m waiting for this chap to show up, he arrives early, extremely well presented, polished shoes, nice suit and tie (a little over the top for me these days however I respect the effort) and he confidently approaches Elaine at reception and states his purpose.  I surprise the daylights out of him and introduce myself.  Firm handshake, looks me right in the eye and first impressions get a big tick.

Walking through to the meeting room I see him looking around and taking it all in.  He sits down and then the conversation starts. It is clear he is prepared, he’s done his homework and he is asking great engaging questions.  He knows about me, he knows about the company and he lets me know. I ask a few tough questions like – OK so I’m a small business owner, I’m in the sales process = how would you close me into a coaching program?  Not even a flinch – he was straight into the close – again prepared.

At about the half way mark he presents me with his Sales Plan, a 1 page summary of how he will deliver results for the business. Again, all stuff i would do as a matter of course, but all too often this is missed completely.  Guess, what – he then did a trail close on me by asking what the next steps were and guess what – he made it to round II.

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