What is the economy doing – RIGHT NOW?

As I speak with business owners around Sydney about the economy and listen to commentators from around the globe, I am left somewhat confused as to where the economy is RIGHT NOW.

  • Real Estate agents are rubbing their hands with the upturn, we are having rental auctions here where rental properties are given to the highest bidder,
  • business confidence surveys are showing the highest level of confidence for months and months,
  • commodity prices are on the up,
  • restaurants are doing a brisk trade,
  • share markets are in BULL mode,
  • Warren Buffet is back in the market

However I really do get the feeling that this is the eye of the storm.  I am not too sure if these GREEN SHOOTS are really shoots and not the weeds that spring up after the tough economic winter!!

I am interested in your feedback / comments on the state of the economy from your perspective.  Please circulate this around and let me know your thoughts….

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