Referrals – How do you get them?

In the business coaching business, it’s all about referrals! I see so many coaches working with clients over prolonged periods of time, getting great results with them yet they, for some reason, do not bring any referrals in. WHY – this is the $64m question.

I’ll tell you why – they just don’t ask!! It really is that simple. When you have been working with a coaching client for 1, 2 or even 3 years or more and getting great results with that client, do you think that they would be willing to mention you and what you do to their friends or other business owners?? Of course they will, it is all about how you go about asking. Most people are too scared to ask thinking that they might look desperate of pushy. If this is the case you are asking the wrong way.

I make sure when I’m starting with a new client that I position them for referrals right up front. I let them know that as we start to see improvements in the business, I will be asking for referrals, people that you know that could benefit from talking to me. No hard sell, not pushy, just straight to the point.

So, don’t be afraid to ask the person you are coaching for a referral, if they expect it right from the get go, they will be actively thinking of you when talking to others who had ot had similar problems in their business.

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