Franchising – Part II

Franchisee relationships are key to the ongoing success of the Franchise.  Here is my summary of the relationship cycle that franchisees go through.

  1. Inception – They see your franchise and start to do some investigations about you.  Some are up front, some visit the franchisees and ask interesting questions, some just scour the net for opportunities.  How good is your site in giving information or capturing their details???
  2. Gestation – OK so they are interested, they enter Due Diligence and buy in.  You train them and induct them into the business.  This process needs to be well orchestrated!
  3. Birth – A brand new franchisee is born, heavily reliant on the franchisor for almost everything
  4. Baby – as above, they really do need the support, they go into post purchase dissonance, some go into overwhelm, some cry alot and this is where they love to be nurtured through, day and night.
  5. Toddler – They are up and running, and falling over and getting it most of the time.  Learning the ropes, seeing things for the second time.  They still need assistance from MUM.
  6. Child – becoming more independent, still need coaching and learning, are aware that they are part of a bigger family and still need support, just less frequently now.
  7. Teenager – look out, they now know it ALL.  Do not need the franchisor, start to rebell and cause trouble with others in the group.  They need strong leadership and someone willing to listen to them.
  8. Young Adult – they get IT and have clearly settled into ther new skin!  They are now thinking of going down one of two paths.  Replication (multi site / franchise owners or stay where they are and enjoy.
  9. Parent – they are now into multi sites with the franchisor or even gone out and bought a complimenatry business / franchise and are off replicatin their success in life.

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