A Grave v’s a Rutt…

Simple – a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out!

I was visiting a client South of Sydney a while back. This guy may have well been in a grave the rut was so deep. No heart, no passion and you wonder why he has trouble finding great staff. He said to me “I wish my staff were on the same page as me” – I said, “show me the page”; he paused and looked at me quizzically.

He got the point, no plans, no goals, no vision or purpose. His purpose was to earn a measly $1000 per week for 80 hours of input, all while watching his 2 teenage kids lives slip by.

My advice, go get a job, at least it would be better than earning $12.50 an hour before tax!!!

In order to succeed in business and in life you got to have passion…. get out of the rut before it tuns into a grave.

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