You just never know!

I ran a presentation to 45 business owners up in Newcastle on Tuesday night and offered them a free coaching session with me the very next day, to which 7 business owners took me up on.  One of them was a smash repairer, not my most favourite industry to coach as they are so regulated by the insurance giants.

Anyway, I was making myself ready for the typical panel beater to show up – WOW was I surprised to see an attractive woman clearly in her 40’s, dressed beautifully, sitting there waiting for her coaching session.  I though I had the wrong business on my list but sure enough in she walked, introduced herself and stated that she was indeed the smash repairer.  Talk about not judging the book by the cover.

To cut a long story short, it was her husbands business and he passed away some 5 years earlier.  She was in fact running the show and doing a great job I might add.  What an inspiration, she is kicking arse and doing well.  I was so impressed with what she had achieved in such a male dominant industry, it really did floor me.

Good on you Carol, now its on with the job of growing this business and setting it up to run without her…..

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