There are only 4 Kinds of Sales Objections when Selling Services

Are you sure, I can hear you say…  I get all sorts of objects in my role but when I boil them down it really does come down to the 4 types I have outlined right here…

OK, here are the four types of sales objections:

  1. “I need to think about it”
  2. “Money is a challenge,”
  3. “It won’t work for me (it works for everyone else but it won’t work for me),”
  4. “I don’t believe you.”

Those are the only four objections there are to anything.

1. “I need to think about it,” This one is the WORST one to get – all it means is that you never positioned the prospect up front so that there was no option “3” as I call it.  Its OK to say yes, or not, just not MAYBE, or Ill call you tomorrow, or I need to think about it and call you in a week or so, otherwise known as “I need to think about it”.

What I find best to combat this is to position the prospect with a strong intention statement – read more here…..

2. “I can’t  afford it right now,” This is how you’ll usually hear this objection. But you’ve already established value. So the question is, why is this objection coming up at this time, since we’ve already established a need.

The answer may be that there’s not a strong enough linkage to value.

We can also relate money to time. Ask him how much it is costing him to wait. Relate the money to time by asking him how much it is costing to not solve the problem.

One of the best ways of handling objections like this is to use the Contrast Frame.  So, the answer to a money objection is to go back and establish the value or to show them ways that it will pay for itself.  So, when I am selling coaching, for example, I show people how our company won’t cost them anything, because we will produce more results than what the cost of the fee is.

You can break it down to the ridiculous and find a daily rate or link it to a cup of coffee per day or something similar.  With my coaching services, again I break it down to $15/hour, make it simple from a $$ perspective.

3. “It won’t work for me

This is similar to “I don’t believe you.” These two might also be called, “I don’t need it,” or “I can see the value in it and it won’t work for me for whatever reason.”  These objections are answered by naming specific people who bought the service or product, are using it and are happy with it. You can go down a list of the names of the people who purchased and offer to give the prospect their number.  I use a DVD of client testimonials, this does the trick and I make sure I send it out prior to our meeting so they get to find out before I turn up.

4. “I don’t believe you.”

This is essentially the same as the previous objection. You can answer it in a similar way or use other means of raising your credibility and the credibility of your product or service. It will also help to build more rapport with your prospect.

In finishing, remember it’s important that when you have answered the sales objections, go back and re-establish the value of your offering.

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