The single biggest barrier to growth..

Do you know what the biggest barrier to growth is?  It’s probably YOU…

That’s right, this is the single biggest barrier I have found to growth in a small to medium business.  The owner has reached their level of incompetence and therefore the business has also reached its level.  you know I have reviewed thousands of P&L’s over the years.  I look to patterns, trends and analyse the these numbers.  Without fail if I see a horizontal revenue line, I can out this down to 1 reason, the owner is running out of steam.

Passion has a use by date if success is not eminant.  Business owners work long hours, pay themselves little or nothing at all and this viscious cycle (downward) continues until the passion “tank” runs empty and burnout occurs.

You know it’s interesting that we learn to read through school and for some reason we decide that when we leave school we have had enough learning.  Imagine your doctor or lawyer doing that??  As business owners it is incumbent on you to keep the learning going, this is the one thing that gets you out of the technicians position into the managers role and onwards to the entrepreneurs seat – learning…..

So what can you do to stop this happening?  Simple – learn lots, get reading, go to seminaries and workshops download from sites like and use your drive time to educate yourself.

So if you apply the principle that  learning = earning $$ when are you going to start learning more to earn more??


  1. I agree with your learning = earning principle and am applying this technique to move up the food chain. I will keep you posted on how things go.

    Great Blog Si, Keep up the awesome work!

    • Great to see you getting ahead, what are you reading right now? I’ve just finished The Path of Least Resistance – Robert Fritz, sensational read all about the human being and how we are engineered for success but programmed for failure and how to reprogram your thought processes….

      Well worth a look on

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