The Path of Least Resistance

An amazing book written by Robert Fritz, here are some interesting quotes.

“One of the fundamental principles is that there is a direct connection between what occurs in your consciousness and what occurs in your external life, and that if you initiate change internally a corresponding change will happen externally”

“True life experiences you now have are a natural outcome of the structures you have previously established in your life.  The path of least resistance in those structures has lead you to where you now are and what you now have”

“As long as unwanted life structures remain unchanged, you will always tend to gravitate back to old familiar patterns, no matter how much you want to change your life or how hard you try”

Vision  – “the inner crystallisation of the result that you want to create, so that the result is conceptually specific and tangible in your imagination – so tangible and so specific, in fact, that you would recognise the manifestation of the result if it occurred”

So much more, it really is worth a read…

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