The Easiest Way to Generate Business in Any Market

Too often people think that creating new business is about creating new clients. This is just not correct. Why waste time having to find people you don’t know and then convince them you are the person they need to do business with, if in fact they need your service at the moment.

The easiest way to get NEW business is to get it from your current or past customers. They already know you. They have already made a decision to deal with you. They have already used your service.  They would be the people most likely to deal with you again, wouldn’t they?

Here’s proof from clients:

1. Mortgage broker who needed to increase leads and wanted a good method of doing it. Increased calls to past clients from 2 to 4 calls per day: he hit the target he wanted.

2. Travel agent called past clients and got $40,000 booking in first week of strategy from clients she thought might not want to deal with her anymore.

3. Real Estate Agent started calling 1 past client, not a current purchaser or vendor, and got 1 listing and 1 offer that lead to a sale in the first 2 weeks. Really, from 1 X 5 minute phone call a day!

WOW! One phone call a day to someone on your current database.  You can do that, can’t you?  What would happen if you called 2?  How about 5 past clients a day!!!

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