The best comeback EVER for “I’m not interested”

The best comeback EVER for “I’m not interested”

I often get woken up from a sleep with a great idea, or suddenly remembering something I have to do!  I have my iPhone beside the bed so I can record a quick voice note – so handy they are!  This time I got woken up with an idea that’s been bugging me for eons!  I have been looking for a way to combat the old “I’m not interested” when making cold calls.  I have used lines like – “so what is it you are not interested in Mr Prospect?”  That’s what I call the porcupine comeback, like a hot potato, they throw at me and I throw it straight back.

Finally I have a response that I feel does not manage to get the prospect upset or back them into a corner.  Its so simple, it breaks the ice, it is light-hearted and it de-stresses the situation nicely.  You want to know it?



OK, so you have made the initial intro, something like thanks for taking my call, the reason for my call is…  The prospect comes back with “hey buddy, I’m not interested” or words to that affect.  ow you have to be quick here because those words are usually followed by the phone being slammed down.  Remember – you are an interruption to their day, you have called them away from whatever it was they were doing at that time, you had better make it a good one!.

Si what I do, is to make sure I get in before they hangup and say this little gems….  “Hey [John], I know your not interested, heck if you were you would have called me”!  So simple.  At least I get to spin them around and it really does break the ice.  It allows me to continue my interruption and I often get to set appointments just because I was different.

So, give it a go and I would love to hear your feedback on how this one works for you.


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