Simon is an engaging and inspiring speaker with an enormous bank of knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in the SME space. He is a man who calls a spade a spade - the sort of qualities that SMEs need and value. I loved working with him and continue to do so, seeking his advice and expertise again and again. He also has a pretty good golf swing!

Writing a recommendation for Simon is not an easy task, and that's because this guy is hard to sum up in a few words! Simon is quite simply the best at what he does. He has a unique ability to assess a complex situation and then develop some practical and effective solutions. He is genuinely passionate about helping business people to make their businesses more successful, and he quickly makes a positive difference to what they do. When Simon speaks people sit up and take notice, and this is because he is an expert in his field, has proven his abilities time after time, can walk the talk, and is inspirational. Add all of these qualities as well as the fact he is one of the best guys you will ever meet and that sums up Simon perfectly!

Senior Executive and Leader


We are good at building trailers, Si is good at selling. We now measure our conversion rates of quotes, we have a solid followup system, the changes to the way we quote has categorically lifted our conversions and I would highly recommend Si Harris to anyone thinking of taking on a specialized advisor like him.

Chris Guy
Managing Director
Dean Trailers Australia Pty Ltd

Thanks for saving me more money on my advertising!
Through using figures from the phone sales sheets, I was able to cut back the deadwood so to speak with my YPL advertising.

Matthew Paris
Eastside Locksmiths

Eastside Locksmiths

At the time when I first met and worked with Simon, he was then, and still is today, more than anything else, a really approachable and likeable, yet remarkably successful sales professional. His hallmark like many great achievers, is hard work rather than hard sell. Simon's results and track record speak for themselves. I'd welcome the opportunity to not only work with Simon again, but support you should you have any doubt about working with this guy.

General Manager

Simon is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate Business Coaches I have ever met! He walks his talk and his client's walk theirs. Having coached and worked with Simon I can recommend him to any company looking to increase profits, retain great staff and get passion back in their life. You will be impressed.



We have found Simon to be an asset to our business, I say asset because he has imparted so much valuable information that has made our business a better business.  Helping us to see the importance of marketing, cash flow, customer service, test and measuring, setting goals, and systemising etc.  Then more importantly showing us how to implement these in our business.

Simon has always been honest with us and approachable, at the same time giving us plenty of direction, which is what us small business owners need.

Finally Simon has given us the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, the reality that we can run our business without us having to be there.

Jo and Justine Stephen
Partners in
J & J Traditional
Rendering & Plastering

SHW Testimonial

If you are thinking to work with Si, then prepare yourself for a flood of great advice and get ready for someone to hold you accountable to getting things done to grow or improve your business.

Eddy Rossi
Managing Director
Southern Highland Wines

Thank you Simon, for helping me and my business to grow.

Scott Qin
General Manager

General Manager