Spring has sprung – are you ready for growth?

The economic winter is over, the thaw is happening and spring is on its way – both literally in the southern hemisphere and figuratively in the northern hemisphere.  Is your business ready fro growth?

For those who got rid of staff, its now time to start recruiting and training, remembering that it will typically take 2 – 3 months for someone to come up to speed; depending on the industry of course.  now it’s time to get the low cost high impact marketing strategies out there and active.  What I mean is

  • liven up old accounts,
  • go through old quotes,
  • revisit those clients you did not convert and find out how the chosen supplier is treating them
  • Speak with current clients about re-ordering
  • hold closed door sales for the new season items
  • offer bulk deals or bundled products / services
  • 2 for one deals
  • $10 Tuesdays
  • read Brad Sugars – Instant Cashflow for 282 other ideas……

In other words – GET OUT THERE!!!  The time is right, the economy is looking for deals and interest free options.  Look at what Harvey Norman and Domanye are doing in this space.  They actually never stopped marketing through the entire so called GFC period.

Remember, interest rates will be climbing, protect your cashflow, pay off debt as fast as possible, oil proces will only rise with all the unrest in the middle east (elections, US and EU troops pulling out etc…)

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and get out there.

Good luck…

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