Small business is in a mess…

I was out, all day today with SME owners in Greater Western Sydney.  Cafes, fruit shops, butchers etc… So many of them are doing it tough and few have got it right.  I always come back to the 80% failure rate that the bureau if stats out out there and days like today reinforce these stats, it’s such a shame.  Then I look to how most get into business and it’s no wonder.  There are no courses at TAFE or University that teach Entrepreneurialism that I am aware of.  This is where we fall down.

The politicians tell us that there are around 1.2m SME’s here in Australia, they are the engine of our economy, the lungs that beathe life into the commercial sector.  They employ the great majority of the workforce, and the thing that really gets me is that the vast majority of this sector is poorly run.  I have personally visited over 4000 SME businesses in the last 8 years in my role as a Coach, the fields are littered with casualties and wounded.  I want to find a way to educate owners, give them a course on the basics, take them to some level of competence so that the success rate of businesses reaching beyond the 5 year mark improves well beyond the 20% level….

I come back to the ActionCOACH VISION – World Abundance Through Business Re-education.  Makes sense don’t you think?

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