Sensational Customer Service

I found myself up on the roof on the weekend looking over the solar heating equipment up on the roof prior to the fast approaching summer.  I poked and proded the small hoses running along the roof line.  I tugged a few joins with the aim of finding out if the system would click into gear and work perfectly once I wanted to raise the pool temp above the ice cold 14c.

To my surprise I found a weakness and pulled the hose from the main out flowing pipe and managed to lose the tiny grommet that held the small pipe in the big pipe (tech speak).  I then had to get out the ops manual for the system to find out how to get this thing fixed.  I couldn’t have the kids getting frost bite when they jumped in.

I found the name of the company who sold the unit to the previous owner of the home we now own and called them.  I was feeling a little stupid trying to buy a 10c item and to my surprise I was given the royal treatment from this company.  They listened to my ramblings, assured me that this was common and then proceeded to arrange to send me not just one but half a dozen of these things at no cost.

These guys bent over backwards to see my troubles fixed, it was quite amazing.  I was transferred twice and each time the next person in the line was fully informed of my challenge, was sympathetic to my cause and I felt that nothing was a problem for them, even though they were on making a sale.

2 Hours later I decided to call the owner of the business and congratulate him for having such dedicated customer service professionals working for him.  He was grateful for receiving the call.  I just had to share this simple story, they are few and far between these days.

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