Million Dollar Dinner…

Last night we took our $1m coaches out for a dinner to thank them for their dedication to both the business and their clients. We booked them into Tetsuya’s one of Sydney’s top restaurants. The entire experience was sensational, from the confirmation call the day before, the welcome at reception, the wait staff, the food, the wine,the ambience….tough to fault.

Now as coaches we sat there and figured out what this success meant in terms of $$ turnover for the business, here goes.

115 seats with 1 sitting per night and an av$ sale per person of around $320. Multiply that out by 350 days per year and you get to a whopping $13,000,000+ per year. Not bad for a 115 seat restaurant!!!

Now over the last few weeks I have interviewed 2 restaurant owners with between 120 and 150 seats and their annual turnover was less than what Tetsuya’s do in an average month!! Now why the gap – lots of reasons, the main one is that they have not yet found the recipe for success. If you have read my stuff about restaurants previously you will know that it is not hard to double turnover in an average performing restaurant, it’s the simple things that make the big difference.

So, to cut a long story short, we had an amazing night and will be heading back there some time soon. I have already had 6 people ask me about my experience, what do you think I have told them and how many of them have put this restaurant on their list of places to go??

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