Million, Billion, Trillion – whats next??

When I was growing up, all I could handle was 100 cents or a dollar.  I thought in cents, i.e. how many lollies could I get for my 5c.  As I got older it was $10, then as I got a job I started managing 00’s (not so well I might add).  When I bought my first car I was talking in 000’s , my first house hundreds of thousands, and so it goes on….

These days numbers seem to be growing to ridiculous proportions.  GDP’s are in the billions and trillions.  The US Government spent a few trillion recently.  These numbers are soooo BIG, I cannot get my head around them, what numbers will our kids be dealing with.

Here is s look into the future.

After 999 billion we have 1 trillion.

After 999 trillion we have  a quad trillion, then we progress onto quintillion,  sex tillion  (I like that number) and into the Latin derivative for our numbering scheme.

Measuring water uses a different scale.

  • litre
  • deca litre
  • kilo litre
  • mega
  • giga
  • tera
  • peta
  • exa
  • zetta
  • yotta

So a look into the future when your grandson / daughter comes home with a job offer with a $4.7 gigabillion salary package, you’ll know how much she is taking home!!!

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