Game Changing Script is now here…

Game Changing Script is now here…

For all those who requested a copy of this from my last post, here it is. I have been surprised by the number of responses so rather than doing this one by one.  

PLEASE: Remember to respect peoples time and be a great interruption in their day not a sales pitch.

Initial Cold Call Script from LinkedIn prospecting

Hi [name] Its [name] here from [Company name] in [Location] (pause here and DO NOT ASK HOW THEY ARE????.  Just wait for them to ask you).  I usually mention something about the fact that they don’t know me as I can hear their mental rollerdex searching. This puts them at ease.

Let them know that you are doing some homework on LinkedIn and their profile jumped off the page and you had to call.  They will be somewhat intrigued at this point as they still don’t know you or why you are calling.

[Name], the reason for my call, we are a [type of company] and we specialise in the (mention their industry).  From time to time I jump on LinkedIn and search for interesting businesses to work for and you guys jumped right off the page so I had to call, now [name], I hope you don’t mind the direct approach. This is why people are on LinkedIn, that are natural networkers

Now at this stage, I’m not too sure if what we do is right for your company as we are not right for everyone –  but I am wondering if you are open to spending 5 minutes with me right now to see if we have a fit.  – (WAIT FOR THEIR REPONSE) either keep going if they have the time now or book a quick call – date and time.

OK, so what we have found in this industry is that (mention 3 typical client frustrations here).  Has that been your experience in working with training companies [name].  Pause and wait for their response.  So what we have done with the clients we choose to work with is to (explain the “Why your company”) and seek to set an appointment with them 3+ days out.

DO NOT OFFER OR AGREE TO SEND OUT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COMPANY.  This is a furphy. Instead send them to your web site or LinkedIn profile so they can do their homework on you or better still your link to book themselves right into your diary

If you cant get into their diary right away then we send them a Time Trade link to yours!!!

Assuming you got into their diary, You will also want them to do some prep for the session.  Now [name], in order for us to get the most out of the session next [time and date], would it be OK if I asked you to do some quick preparation?  What I find useful is if you do a quick [audit, outline, current situation].  What I mean is –  [put some thought into what info you might like them to think about prior to getting together, things that will get them thinking not just the info you need] would that be OK?. Get them doing some prep work for you….

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