Employing $ales People – WTF

Employing $ales People – WTF

You know, I’ve been at this a long time – $ales that is.  I have interviewed so many people for sales and related positions and I have to say lately, its been bugging me.  “It” is the complete lack of prep that candidates are doing before they show up!  Seriously, how freakin hard is it to get on a web site, do some LinkedIn homework and read up about the company you are trying to get a job with.

One of the first questions I ask is – “so what do you know about our company”.  Not really a hard question, not one someone should balk at or come back with something like “well I know a little bit”, or “to be honest, I have heard about you guys”. REALLY!!!  If that’s the best, then I really should terminate the interview right then and there and save myself another 45 mins pf polite conversation.

In previous posts I have spoken about another favorite question.  It relates to the fact that $ales is a profession – people get paid to do it and paid well if they perform well.  So, why not become professional about the role and read up, study and make this your passion.  So, the question I ask goes something like this.  “OK, your applying for a $ales role, tell me – if I walked into your home office, what books would I see on your shelves”. Of course I am looking for things like Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracey, Ari Galper, Brad Sugars, Zig Ziglar and more of the classics like Jim Rohn, even Tony Robbins would do.

Typically the answers I get are – “well I have read a few books”.  Again, I lose interest in the person because if they were serious they would be studying and reading to improve their professional skills.

So – to all those out there job hunting to join the oldest profession – study for f*#k sakes!!!  Come on people – do the profession of $ales proud and go out and become professional.  Interesting, as I write this I am coming to the realisation that the ones that need to read this are probably watching TV right now rather than styudying up!


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