Decisions Decisions!!!

One of the most frustrating things I see in small business is the inability of business owners to make decisions. Lets face it we have all reached this point in time / life when we are faced with making a decision! Some are simple, some are tough and some require analysis before a decision can be made.

Whenever I work with a client and we reach a decision cross road, I am reminded of the book that Napoleon Hill wrote in the early 1900’s – Think and Grow Rich. In the book he (Mr Hill) described the decision making style of those that had done exceptionally well in life as one that was very simple. Make a quick one and stick with it, trust your “gut instinct”.

Regardless of the size of the decision, you already know the answer deep down, make the decision and stick with it.

The time frame taken to make a decision is directly proportional to the success you have in life, i.e. a long time = less success, a short time = more success.

What is your decision making process, do you make a quick one, do you vacillate over the decision for ages, do you sit on the fence, do you ask a bunch of others for their thoughts?

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