Dealing with Inbound leads!

Dealing with Inbound leads!

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Just had a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) when we started to deal with inbound sales leads and thought I would share this. For so long our business has dug up leads from outbound sources like telemarketing.  Back in Dec we decided to stop outbound calling (cold) and poured our marketing $$ into generating inbound leads – where people call us.

Its been a slow process but nowadays 80% of our leads are from inquiries or from people who have sat in on a webinar or seminar.  This has been great for the business but today I noticed a new trend for these leads. We are not the only coaching business that they are considering!!  So now I have objections where we are in the final 2 or 3 companies that they are checking out.  This is really starting to give me the shits especially as its something that we have literally never had to deal with before.

So I have to devise a cunning plan to deal with this.  So my plan.

  1. have to find out early on in the piece if they are considering others.  This is a double edged sword as if they weren’t then this might plant that seed in them to go out and find others, but if you don’t then you are dead anyway.
  2. make sure we are last in the interview process
  3. be able to clearly demonstrate the top 7 reasons why others have chosen us over anyone else
  4. have a clearly defined USP and a strong guarantee
  5. find out what they liked about the others.

A great problem to have I say so, bring it on business owners and let us show you why we are the right choice.

Do you have this problem and if so – love to hear how you overcome it in your business.


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