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  1. Hi Simon, It was great meeting you today at the Commonwealth Bank/ Business Coaching at Singleton Heights RSC. I found the workshop very interesting and informative. I walked away with a wealth of information. Thank you !! Also, I really appreciate you giving me the $2,000,000. Now all I have to do is turn that into real money. 🙂

    I wasn’t able to find you on facebook. So I thought I would send you an e-mail.

    Reina Bielsa Stalker

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for a great workshop this morning at Nelson Bay. It cemented what I had already suspected – I need to work with a coach to make me accountable to SOMEONE! I am surrounded by resources I have sourced myself (i.e. some Brad Sugars books) but find myself jumping from strategy to strategy in my haste to improve my situation.
    My problem is I am under extreme financial difficulty at the moment due to a messy marital separation which has left me very much struggling week to week. I am very much wanting to work on my business to improve my cashflow as quickly as possible but need someone pushing me along to keep me on track.
    I look forward to hearing from you for my one hour session to try and get some direction of what needs to be my priority.
    I noticed your comment about not charging until the figures improve, which would be wonderful because I know they WILL increase resulting in increased revenue which will enable you to be paid! It’ll be great to discuss this with you in further detail.
    Have a great day

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