This is a simple blog on everything about sales and small business in particular. I share the last 29 years experience in selling everything from multimillion dollar telecommunications solutions to pagers (beepers) to training programs, coaching programs and call centre solutions and specifically the last 13 years working directly with small business owners on improving their businesses from the ground up.

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Simon is an engaging and inspiring speaker with an enormous bank of knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in the SME space. He is a man who calls a spade a spade - the sort of qualities that SMEs need and value. I loved working with him and continue to do so, seeking

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If you are thinking to work with Si, then prepare yourself for a flood of great advice and get ready for someone to hold you accountable to getting things done to grow or improve your business. Eddy Rossi Managing Director Southern Highland Wines

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We have found Simon to be an asset to our business, I say asset because he has imparted so much valuable information that has made our business a better business.  Helping us to see the importance of marketing, cash flow, customer service, test and measuring, setting goals, and systemising etc.  Then more importantly showing us