This is a simple blog on everything about sales and small business in particular. I share the last 29 years experience in selling everything from multimillion dollar telecommunications solutions to pagers (beepers) to training programs, coaching programs and call centre solutions and specifically the last 13 years working directly with small business owners on improving their businesses from the ground up.

simon harris




Thank you Simon, for helping me and my business to grow. Scott Qin General Manager

General Manager

Instant Insight Academy

Simon is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate Business Coaches I have ever met! He walks his talk and his client's walk theirs. Having coached and worked with Simon I can recommend him to any company looking to increase profits, retain great staff and get passion back in their life. You will be


Eastside Locksmiths

Thanks for saving me more money on my advertising! Through using figures from the phone sales sheets, I was able to cut back the deadwood so to speak with my YPL advertising. Matthew Paris Eastside Locksmiths

Eastside Locksmiths